Disappointing Friday Harvest

October 23, 2010

Left entrusted with the farm while EarthDance staff attends Terra Madre in Italy, farmies have taken charge. Unfortunately, today’s harvest for the Ferguson and Clayton markets dipped to a record low for the season. When asked why such a disappointing harvest, the Friday crew could give no explanation.

(Photo and motivation by: Nancy Schnell)


EarthDance @ Terra Madre Conference

October 23, 2010

In case you hadn’t heard EarthDance representatives Molly, Vicki and Julie are currently in Turin, Italy at the 2010 Terra Madre Conference.

Julie just couldn't stay away from market today! Thinking of you being there now! Please won't you send us a market/harvest report? We miss you! Vicki and Julie

Terra Madre
The Food Communities Network
Terra Madre brings together those players in the food chain who
together support sustainable agriculture, fishing, and breeding
with the goal of preserving taste and biodiversity.
More than 5,000 representatives from the worldwide Terra Madre network will
meet in Turin, Italy for the fourth time this October 21 to 25 – coinciding once
again with the international Slow Food fairSalone del Gusto.

The five-day meeting will bring together food communities, cooks, academics,

youth and musicians from all over the world, who are united in a desire to

promote sustainable local food production in harmony with the environment

while respecting knowledge handed down over the generations.

go to website and get the fully story:


link to a slideshow of photos taken on the first day:      http://www.jewishjournal.com/foodaism/item/terra_madre_2010_opening_day_slideshow_20101022/
might remember vandana shiva from her talk at webster university early this spring!
very inspiring- vicki
Hi Vicki,
I found these utubes of the 2006 and 2008  Terra Madre conventions in Italy. 

It looks very exciting!!!

Maybe others other EarthDance folk might enjoy these links should you wish to

send it on with your email. We can have a picture in our minds of what you
experiencing! Absolutely FABULOUS IT APPEARS! 


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zs5jgEYbQp4 (2006)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ys4bLLiZ0TY (2008)


October 21, 2010

jamie mel teresita april making the market happen 10.20.10

Field Photography

October 19, 2010

sunflower 10.15

the light was just amazing for photography out on the farm this past Friday.

here is a link to my photos + a sweet video of Pat Potato: http://www.flickr.com/photos/85297056@N00/sets/72157625073052399/

What is a City? Food in the City Conference

October 19, 2010

  • When: October 21-22, 2010
  • Where: UMSL, J.C. Penney Conference Center, Summit Lounge

Food in the City

The Center for the Humanities invites you to join speakers from around the country and St. Louis in examining the place of food in cities through the lenses of history, public policy, social justice, social science, and personal lives. read more here and get link to register: http://umslce.org/index.php/what-is-a-city

Broom Corn

October 12, 2010

broom corn at EarthDance

Vicki sent me this shot she took of the broom corn I planted way back in July. Even with the extreme heat it appears to have germinated and is now 10′ high. Very cool plant. Will be ready for market soon. Sold as an ornamental decorating feature. Whole Foods is selling them for $9.99 I’ve heard.

Enrichment 10.11.10

October 12, 2010

Caleb, 11 days old. EarthDance 1st baby

Been a while since I’ve posted. Here are some shots and videos from our session tonight (getting dark by 7pm now).


Russ Kremer was an inspirational speaker (even in the dark) – check out his story in the RFT http://www.riverfronttimes.com/2008-11-26/news/the-pope-of-pork-in-tiny-towns-across-missouri-old-school-hog-farming-stages-a-comeback-mdash-and-at-tables-across-the-nation-diners-rejoice/

Ozark Mountain Pork Cooperative founder Russ Kremer

The Way We Live Now – Growing Together

October 12, 2010

A vegetable garden springs up in Detroit, thanks to the nonprofit Urban Farming.

By CHRISTINE MUHLKE Published: October 8, 2010

what’s a flash mob rehearsal?

September 22, 2010

see videos: http://www.flickr.com/photos/85297056@N00/sets/72157624880776405/

Enrichment! 9-20

September 21, 2010

my "inspiration" - stan and simmie gellman

This was a very special enrichment for me because my parents were guests and participated in my INSPIRATION to the farmies. My parents are fine artists who I persuaded to create a custom print just for the freshman farmies of 2010. The signed and numbered linocut print was my gift to my hardworking coworkers – a token to hopefully cherrish and remember the times we had together. My parents graciously spoke about the process they used to create the art. We also learned how to make paper from Okra from another wonderful artist Emily Hemeyer.


see pics and video: http://www.flickr.com/photos/85297056@N00/sets/72157625004518192/